GMCTechnology offers solutions for Residents, Hotels, Administrations, Offices and Working places

complete package of furnishing, seating, lighting, doors and frames, flooring and wall cladding

GMCTechnology GmbH is responsible for the business development and sales of

solutions for modern work environments in Offices and adminstration in the area of the Middle East.


The faster the world of work is changing, the more rapidly do the needs of change in the working places as well. Changed work situations lead to new styles of work and thus require adapted working environments. How should the offices of the future look to ensure that the employees feel at ease in the most diverse working situations – and thus become more productive? GMCTechnology solutions are made to match. They can be integrated perfectly into various designs and represent a major meaning of design.

And because people and their activities are entirely different, this should accommodate the need for individuality and adapt accordingly. The use of efficient technology and intelligent systems with modern design creates need-adequate, resource-saving and comfortable solutions in

Working station

Office and Aadministration soloution

Office lighting , lighting with VTL- technology

Office furnishing and seating systems

Acoustic panels and walls

Meeting desks and room concept

Premium LVT- Flooring

Wall Cladding

Door and frame


all systems are made in Germany or Europe.

GMCTechnology has more than 20 years of professional experience. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from process evaluation to market position evaluation. Our experience will contribute to positioning a company in the best possible way in terms of Health seating and ergonomical workplaces..


You can place your trust in us  

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