Products for Building and Construction from GMCTechnology

Levelling, Adhesive, Flooring, Wall cladding, Door and frame, Lighting technology, Furnishing, Interiors and Acoustic system

GMCTechnology is a company with vision. Your partner for technologies "made in Germany, Swiss, UK and Europe"


We stand for reliable sales organization, top quality, the best prices and the shortest realisation times, and will implement your vision with sustainability. This allows you to reach your goals without taking any detours.


GMCTechnology provides building materials with our over 45 partners in the region of the middle east directly from our several productions in Europe.

We will keep the costs low and are always focused on implementation and monitoring of goals. In technology products, the key factor is advancement through knowledge. This becomes a reality through optimisation of processes. We convince you with expertise and experience in quality, and will ensure that the performance of your company increases. We always place the focus on reducing costs and aim to make your projects affordable. Enhancement of the value of your company is our aim.


Our products:  

Furnishing and seating soloution, Laboratories, Lighting technology, Flood and street lighting, Lighting for health care, Chemical materials, Self-Levelling, Adhesive, Flooring, Security lighting, Safety flooring, Special flooring for OT, Door and frame, Wall cladding, Interiors, Medical bed and medical chair, Working station, Interiors for hotel and residential.


Our sectors:

Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Housing, Food and drink, Pharmaceutical,  Leisure, Retail and offices, Prisons and defence, Manufacturing and warehousing, Sport and gym, Public and security area, Residents and hotels.


Our technology and product portfolio are made in Germany and Europe. Highest quality and the best performance.

We focus on your needs, your market situation, your organisation and your innovative capacity. Our aim is direct communication with you. Upon request, we will define individual goals with you, undertake monitoring and therefore provide support with implementation. This allows you to save time, money and to retain an overview. We always deliver directly from the productions in Europe.