GMCTechnology with excellent expertise in Lighting, Flooring, Wall cladding, Medical beds and chairs

GMCTechnology is your partner for “high-end” quality when it comes to sales-process, innovation and success. We take on a wide range of sales activities and offer strategic, organisational and process-based Consulting. 


The specific expertise of GMCTechnology remains in its know-how and extensive sector knowledge. This specific knowledge is of particular significance in a networked industry. Technology is always bound to Trends. The variation of these trends is not always easy to cope with. We support our customers in the region of:

The Middle East for high-end building material- technology.


GMCTechnology GmbH creates transparency and helps you with selecting priorities, optimising sales processes and achieving the sales goals.


Our Portfolio made in Germany, Swiss and UK:

- Office Lighting

- Medical Lighting

- Street, Security and Outdoor Lighting

- Chemical Materials

- Acoustic Systems

- Interiors

- Flooring Materials

- Safety Flooring

We provide the following equipment and building materials:
Flooring materials, Chemical components, Aluminium panels and profiles, Frames/Doors, Wall- and door cladding, Skirting and profiles, Lighting systems, Office interiors and invisible sound boards.
All our systems and technologies are made and produced in Gremany, UK and Swiss. We are providing the materials while including our support, training and supervisoring.

Our applications are in area of:

  • Health and Social care
  • Education, Retail and Offices
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Public area
  • Industry and Production
  • Residential districts
  • Security area