Our special knowledge for Medical beds and chairs - made in Germany

GMCTechnology and Trading offers - Quality made in Germany - Geat design, Multi-functionial and selected products for special and various regions of the world. Therapy beds and medical chairs.

Chiropodist chairs, Cancer tratment chairs, Oncology chairs, Dialysis chairs, Therapy chairs, Treatment chairs, Blood-donation and transfusion therapy chairs, Therapy beds, Hospital beds, Shockwave therapy system




For the past 40 years, LiKAMED has been highly successful in the medical sector.
The formula for success: design and quality combined. The idea: Using this formula and our many years of experience, we develop innovative products for practical – and convenient – use.
The claim: All of our products are developed, tested, manufactured and assembled by our specialists and are certified accordingly.
The promise: Made by LiKAMED – Made in Germany – Focused on Design and Quality.