GMC Technology offers high quality and professional medical lighting

GMC Technology is your partner for high quality and ergonomic medical lighting equipment for healthcare, offices and medical treatment.

Derungs Licht AG – Light for People


We are one of the world leaders for lighting systems and accessories intended for the healthcare technology. Since 1999, the company has been part of the Waldmann Group.

We combine innovative lighting techniques and a functional design to create state-of-the-art products.


We have been building our future with our solid know-how accumulated over the past 70 years. Our motivated staff rely on this unique experience and offer solutions which have been researched down to the smallest detail to give a lighting suited to all the needs in the healthcare sector.


Light for the care of senior citizens:

A professional lighting concept which covers the different needs of operators, personnel, senior citizens and visitors is of key significance regarding the treatment of senior citizens. Waldmann has taken up this challenge. As visual capabilities decrease significantly with advanced age, elderly people often have to cope with the effects of poor lighting. For example, sensitivity to glare is increased in the elderly. Age-oriented lighting with high quality of light avoids mirroring, light reflection or contrasts between dark and light.

Qualitative light for the elderly increases well-being, adds to preventing falls, facilitates perception and orientation and structures the daily routines via daylight tracking (biologically effective lighting with Visual Timing Light).


Light in healthcare:

Light also promotes well-being in the sector of healthcare. It also supports physicians and nursing staff in the effortless and error-free handling of visual tasks. As providers of health services, general practitioners and clinics are confronted with a host of tasks: examination and treatment, working on the computer. Concentration and alertness are required, virtually without interruption. Therefore, the safety and reliability of medical equipment - which includes lighting - is of paramount importance. At the same time the topic of economical efficiency is gaining massive importance. Intelligent and high quality lighting solutions help to significantly reduce operating costs.