GMC module for market research, studies and surveys

International market research, studies and image analyses

Customer analyses
Image analyses (internal / external)
Market studies
Technology studies

Competitor analyses 
Market segments & developments
Data analysis and evaluation

As a consulting company with a wide range of modules, we know all about the needs and wishes of our customers & companies: increases in efficiency, limitation of the risk of poor decisions, recognition of trends, opportunities & risks and the reduction of time and money spent are just a few of the buzzwords. Nothing is as enduring as constant change. Processes change; tasks grow or transform. Whether it be within an industrial company or in the service sector, the fields of customer retention, independent positioning of the company, future strategies and everyday processes can be professionally examined by means of market research methods & analyses.


Gaining information for secure decisions!

GMCTechnology GmbH launches the efficiency offensive and offers customers attractive options for individual market research projects, studies and analyses that are adapted to match the remit. Benefit from our expertise and increase your efficiency. Our activities include:


  • Systematic collection of data
  • Processing & analysis of data
  • Presentation & evaluation of results

Procedure for a market research project

  • Formulation of the problem and its analysis
  • Determination of the investigation design
  • Determination of the sources of information and their evaluation
  • Identification of the parties responsible for implementation
  • Determination of the data collection methods and monitoring tools
  • Selection of random samples
  • Design of the collecting tool and implementation of data collection
  • Editing and coding of data
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Presentation of results


An individual methodology tailored to match the tasks is our promise and guarantee of precise and representative data research. We provide our customers with the following topics, areas of application and corresponding benefits:

1. Methods

  • Online Surveys
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Written Surveys
  • Telephone interviews
  • Research


2. Areas of application

  • Competitor analyses
  • Identification and evaluation of the methods, behaviours of competitors on the market
  • Analysis of competitors’ means of communication (advertising, internet presence, etc.)
  • Image Analysis
  • Internal: how the employees currently see their Company
  • External: how the company is perceived (by customers, on the market)
  • Customer analyses
  • Analysis of customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of customer loyalty
  • Emotional customer retention, customer Needs
  • Customer behaviours, etc.
  • International marketing Research
  • International market analyses


3. Customer benefits

  •  Objectivity
  •  Topicality & trends, profitability
  •  Validity & precision
  •  Representation & relevance
  •  Continual improvement of the stock of information relevant to decision-making